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collating bones

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KaraokeJournal: here's the twist [Jan. 29th, 2007|10:01 pm]
collating bones
Lots of work tonight, so I just snuck over to the karaoke bar for an hour; very dead, despite (or perhaps partly because of) the presence of some dude who thought it'd be funny to do Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" in a fake Bob Dylan voice. Reminded me of the "what would happen if Rick Rubin decided the next career he wanted to revive was Ray Stevens" video. I sang "I Saw the Light" (the Todd Rundgren one--bet I could've hit those high notes a little less flatly if I'd warmed up a little first), "I'm the Urban Spaceman" (which nobody else in the room had ever heard before, I suspect--a number of people asked me what's that song? who did you say it was by?--the karaoke track had some unfortunate synths and was a little bit slow, but hey, it's "I'm the Urban Spaceman"), and finally "The Winner Takes It All" (sung an octave down, which diminished its dramatic impact considerably, although somebody who'd come to the club to photograph her friends in fancy clothes was apparently very happy to hear it anyway).