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KaraokeJournal: bringing stereo back

Both my ears are now working again (I think it was the extensive but very simple cooking for dinner that did the trick: seitan pot roast in cranberry-tomato sauce, brown rice, broccoli cooked with Edward Espé Brown's recipe, salad, cornbread), so to celebrate I went to check out the new branch of Chopsticks up in North-ish Portland. First bad sign was that the cocktail waitress had never heard of ginger ale: "Is that some kind of light beer? Or is it a mixed drink?" Um, just a 7-Up, then. She came back and said "It turns out we do have ginger ale!"

Anyway. 'Stick III is very very very sleepy early on a Monday night, and no fun at all if you don't know anybody there, although they do have an enormous selection of songs, including some stuff I would not have expected--the Rezillos' "Top of the Pops"?!? (Yes, Sara, they have "Fairytale of New York.") Singing rotation for the first hour I was there was KJ, waitress, long pause, me, repeat. Finally a few people arrived around 9 and did poignant country songs and "Sweet Child O' Mine."

I sang: "Life On Mars?" (which is how I determined that while my voice's range is pretty much back, my breath control is, uh, not); "Ride a White Swan" (confidential to whoever transcribed the lyrics: the word is "Beltane," not "bell train"); "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee" (whoever's version that is, it's definitely not Stick McGhee's; I faked my way through, a little disgruntled that the backing track supplied the "Elderberry! Blackberry! Half 'n' half!" business); and "Positively 4th St." (a very, very slow arrangement, which did not help its breath-control-impaired vocalist much). Gave up & came home within 75 minutes.
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