collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

feastjournal: what we ate

red lentil soup with chard greens and fennel seed
gingery marinated chickpeas
Moroccan beets with orange blossom water
marmalade-glazed carrots
no-knead bread (made by Chelsey)
more artisanal bread (from Cat)
various kinds of cheese (storebought)
Tofurky with vegetables and stuffing
braised cipolline and shallots
lemony green beans
smashed potatoes with basil pesto
whole-berry cranberry orange sauce (made by Lisa)
buttery vegetarian stuffing (made by Wendy)
mushroom gravy (made by Wendy)
apple cider (storebought)
various wines (brought by several guests)

New England butternut squash pie
pear-ginger pie (from Jess)
apple-raisin pie (also from Jess)
baked stuffed apples (from Lisa)
vanilla ice cream (storebought)

everything except as noted made by me (although a couple of things were semi-prefab)
boy are my arms tired
yes we do need some help with the leftovers, why do you ask?
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