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collating bones

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that "interests" thing [Sep. 20th, 2005|12:48 am]
collating bones
Courtesy of, um, everybody.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. call-and-response:
    I can never decide if the best kind of singing is harmony or if it's a conversation. But I'm a thesis-antithesis-synthesis kind of guy, and I like backing vocals an awful lot, especially if they have content beyond what the lead is providing.
  2. cloudmakers:
    You would think after the joy I took in The Beast that I'd have kept up on further developments in this odd new kind of fiction. I actually have never gone beyond a single click into other Beast-type games, probably because I can't afford the time it would take to get into them.
  3. david foster wallace:
    Yes, he has tics. I don't care. I'll read anything he writes, trying and sometimes failing to keep the tics from biting me.
  4. grooks:
    I think I scared somebody a couple of weeks ago by quoting one of these off the top of my head. Short aphoristic rhymes by Piet Hein, beloved by my dad and probably even more by me.
  5. imploding dot-coms:
    Because nothing succeeds like really expensive failure.
  6. krazy kat:
    Ask me about my tattoo sometime.
  7. narratives:
    Tell me a good enough story and I'll follow you anywhere.
  8. platonic ideals:
    No, not Morrissey. More like Six Sigma. Except not horrible.
  9. rebecca west:
    My favorite English prose stylist--if I could write like Black Lamb and Grey Falcon I'd probably just sit at my desk all day hugging myself.
  10. the invisibles:
    It is the rare magician who's happy to explain all his tricks.

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