collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

Dollhouse: The Rock and Soul Circus

The MC5 Fallacy is, curiously, not one of which the MC5 themselves are guilty: it's the assumption that the way to get the MC5's power is to do what they did--that is, playing loud guitar music that fixates on, not just R&B and jazz, but the R&B and jazz that they liked, and that was current when they were operating. Which, in this instance, means a song called "Ode to Ra," and covers of "Born Under a Bad Sign" and "I Got the Feelin'" (well, in the latter case, an unrelated and funkless rock instrumental over which somebody's yelling the lyrics of "I Got the Feelin'"). Now, obviously, you will not find a bigger fan of JB and Sonny than the one typing this, and I heartily approve of appropriating their ideas in a rock context--but to make your OWN music, not the goddamned MC5's. This will probably stick around, for the same reason that the latest Basement Jaxx record is staying around (it's got a vocal by Lisa Kekaula of the BellRays on it--now there's somebody who knows what to make of the MC5 as conceptual input), but sigh.
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