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collating bones

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Kraftwerk: Trans-Europe Express [Jul. 6th, 2001|09:49 pm]
collating bones
Working our way through Lisa's CD collection--as thoroughly as I've internalized the title song and "Showroom Dummies," I don't think I've ever actually heard it all the way through before. Decided we have to learn how to play "Showroom Dummies" as expressively as possible, with two guitars. Is there a way to make it a functional medley with "Crest"?

From: rroseselavyoui
2001-07-07 04:27 pm (UTC)

Melt Banana does a version of "Showroom Dummies"
It's pretty fucking hilarious!
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[User Picture]From: signifier
2001-07-07 09:11 pm (UTC)

other "Showroom Dummies"

Harry Pussy played it on their final tour--it shows up on a number of the records from that period. (Even more violent than M-B's version!) And then there's Senor Coconut's cha-cha-cha version. A flexible song, that is.
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From: rroseselavyoui
2001-07-07 10:03 pm (UTC)

Re: other "Showroom Dummies"

I agree!
I love that Senior Coconut album. I think Dave knows one of those guys, but he doesn't like the album. Dave is sometimes no fun.
I'm going to see Electric Company and Cex on Monday night. Should be a blast.
I luv Brad.
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