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collating bones

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VA: Thai Beat A Go-Go [Oct. 11th, 2004|05:00 pm]
collating bones
Naturally, the first thing I glom onto is the songs I already recognize, and naturally the familiar amusement is how they've turned into something else in these '60s Thai beat-group recordings--"What'd I Say" becomes something that translates as "Why Do You Walk Like a Drunkard," for instance, and the chorus of "Kaw-Liga" gets a hard G. So I wish I'd waited to make a CD bookended by versions of "Kaw-Liga" until I heard this, but I also wish I had the ears & experience to hear the good stuff on here as something other than a novelty. (Or the bad stuff.) What gets amusingly lost in translation to American pop idioms? Does anything even flow that way, or is that the current of not-so-intentional cultural imperialism at work?