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collating bones

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Cobra Killer: 76/77 [Sep. 16th, 2004|12:38 am]
collating bones
Might take me a while to adjust to this one, since it actually sounds pretty good, but doesn't actually represent the virtues I associate with Cobra Killer. Those being: an aesthetic that favors the totally sloppy mess that trips over its own knees; an attitude that suggests that Annika Trost and Gina D'Orio have just HAPPENED to stumble in eight sheets to the wind from somewhere, and don't really care that they have big old stains on their party gear that might be expensive port and might be something nicer, but they have to put on a show so they'll just hit any old button on the sequencer and start screaming and catching each other's eye. ("RED! SHOO-GA! RED RED RED! SHOOGA SHOOGA!") This one's not quite like that. But it kept catching my attention anyway, especially something called "I Like It When It Burns a Bit"--that "A Bit" is so Cobra Killer, yes?