collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

VA: Twice as Nice

I'd really liked that "Cool as Ice" comp of Be Music productions (i.e. stuff that the members of New Order produced for other people); evidently, other record buyers did too, because here's the sequel. It is lesser. Interesting that some of the stuff they were producing in that 1982-1986 period was more or less totally straightforward Latin freestyle, and I do remember Cheyne's "Call Me Mr. Telephone" fondly; happy to have Thick Pigeon's "Jess + Bart" too. But they do seem to be scraping for material this time: a not-too-different mix of 52nd Street's "Cool as Ice" is the hint, and a slab of New Order's own "Video 5-8-6" is the giveaway. I love that piece--but I don't need this comp for it.
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