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collating bones

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The Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet and the Museum of Modern Insect Arts with the Office of Woodland Security Present Tylenolandadida the Deadly Ballerina Featuring the Chillbot Slider the Pushbutton Master the WhiteHotFunkBot and Maybe Dr. Idiotbot If It Can Ma [Jun. 7th, 2004|10:04 pm]
collating bones
I was predisposed to like this (being rather fond of the singer & her old band, and having loved "Stop/Start" when I heard it a year and a half ago), I admit, but yeah, I really do like it a lot--synth-pop from people who love the sound of "hand-cranked" synthesizers and are trying to figure out non-received ways to make them pop-song instruments. Also, the picture disc-LP format suits its general retrograde/analog perversity. And is probably the only way they could fit the entire band name onto the face of the thing.