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collating bones

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Belle and Sebastian: I'm a Cuckoo EP [Mar. 19th, 2004|03:12 pm]
collating bones
See, the disadvantage of getting advances of stuff and trolling the web for even more things by the bands I like is that I can't get surprised by nice little bonuses the way I'm supposed to. I'd probably have gotten a big jolt out of this if I didn't already know three of the four songs--that wiseass Avalanches remake of "I'm a Cuckoo," the original version, and "Travellin' Light," which was on the advance version of the album but pulled from the final one (and wisely: it belongs on a 17-minute disc, not a 50-miinute one). As it was, I got a little (but nice, but little) jolt from "Stop, Look and Listen," especially that long (long!) instrumental tag at the end. It's clear by now that they're never going to change direction second/third/fourth-Velvet-Underground-album style, but the remix is so much fun that I do wonder what would happen if they got the Avalanches to produce their whole next record.