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collating bones

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VA: Pink Panther's Penthouse Party [Mar. 1st, 2004|11:15 pm]
collating bones
So apparently the Pink Panther is being rebranded as some kind of hip lounge-house "Shag"-illustration thing, and it naturally gets a soundtrack, which as Lisa pointed out is SO 1998: Ursula 1000, Pizzicato Five, Arling & Cameron, Kinky (whose own album I couldn't make it all the way through earlier today), plus a Fischerspooner remix/remake of the "Pink Panther Theme" (I only wish I were making this up) and Chris Mancini & Lennart cleverly figuring out that you can play "A Shot in the Dark" and the Peter Gunn theme at the same time. I'm sorry, I seem to have some kind of bubbles up my nose.