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collating bones

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Bob Marley and the Wailers: Catch A Fire [Jul. 5th, 2001|09:17 pm]
collating bones
Someday I will probably develop a taste for him. Someday in the far, far future. It might be that it's too archetypal for me to get into, but he just seems to be not much more than a collection of stylistic tics (with good musicianship behind him, but again, it's hard for me to hear that 'cause so many reggae musicians after him started doing exactly the same thing). Weirdly, this isn't a problem for me with a lot of other major & minor reggae types from the same period--put on a Junior Byles record, I'm totally there, and I can listen to dozens of versions of "Beat Down Babylon" without losing interest. Is there something wrong with me?