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collating bones

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Man Man: "Monster" [Feb. 17th, 2004|06:24 pm]
collating bones
Eccentric in the same way that the Raving Looney Party or whatever it's called is eccentric: that is, that's the whole point, and it seems a little forced. I like eccentricity better when it's an expression of the self, not when it's a convenient lampshade to wear on one's head. But I do like the instrumentation: playing sway-one-way-then-the-other, fist-in-air songs with anything but guitar/bass/drums (and... them, too). These songs sound like they were written on conventional instruments, though, and then set up for trumpet, marimba, etc. Not that that's bad, but today I was thinking about Amoebic Ensemble, who did something similar in a far less in-one's-face way, and this just makes me miss them more.