collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

various: For the Dead in Space, Volumes II & III

I saw one of the Pearls Before Swine return-to-action gigs six or seven years ago (not a "reunion," it was just Tom Rapp), & there were not many dry eyes in the house--I'd never heard their own records at that point (and have still only heard two), and was pretty impressed. And I'm very fond of the idea of tribute records to not-terribly-well-known artists, and enjoyed some of the first volume of this Pearls Before Swine tribute, some years ago. Still, I kept not noticing that this was playing, even though it's two discs long--wasn't even distracted by the Alastair Galbraith track, which I'll have to go back to and check later. And then, all of a sudden, there was one performance that gripped me. I checked what it was--Pearls Before Swine themselves, doing "Translucent Carriages," which a quick check of the credits said was recorded in '67 or '68. And then the album ended.
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