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collating bones

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Princess Nicotine: Folk and Pop Music of Myanmar (Burma) vol. 1 [Feb. 16th, 2004|08:36 pm]
collating bones
I originally bought this album perhaps ten years ago, when it was just called "Princess Nicotine," and suggested by its cover graphics and the frothing cover spiel that it was Sun City Girls-related, which of course it was. (I also remember the record itself being more of a cut-up than this, though that may have been my imagination.) In any case, it's Alan Bishop's collection of Burmese cassettes that he bought on a long-ago trip, and although I'm theoretically happier to have actual artists' names and translations of the song titles (credit where credit's due etc.), its scope is broad enough--think "50 years' worth of popular music from place X"--that I think I liked it better as an unlabeled personal mix tape, somebody pressing "record" when he hears something he likes. Like it a lot anyway.