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collating bones

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Destroyer: Your Blues [Feb. 16th, 2004|12:15 am]
collating bones
My love for Dan Bejar's songs knows few bounds, & these songs as songs do it for me as much as any from the last couple of albums (suspect I still like the Thief songs best, but maybe because that's the first album of his I played incessantly). But this "new direction" thing, with the fake-string-section keyboards & no rock band--I sense creeping Will Oldham-itis, a desire to not repeat himself & to demonstrate that non-repetition by tearing down sound ideas (in both senses) that he's already demonstrated he can do successfully. This is a pretty good practice in theory, but tends to result in, hey, doing things that one can't do successfully, or that can't be done successfully. Who else is this dense and thoughtful a songwriter and this deliberately lame about instrumentation in a the-songs-transcend-it-man way? Leonard Cohen? Raise your hand if you'd rather hear Leonard Cohen keep making records whose orchestrations are horrible '80s synths. Okay, next.