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collating bones

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Joanna Newsom: The Milk-Eyed Mender [Feb. 15th, 2004|09:02 pm]
collating bones
Harpist/"folkie" who was also the harpist in Nervous Cop, it appears. (Well, take the quotes off folkie: she does "Three Little Babes.") I can hear the Patty Waters/Karen Dalton intentions in the way she sings, & respect the solo harp/solo harpsichord arrangements as a way of getting around voice-and-guitar, but I also have a very high tolerance for "difficult" singing voices, and I absolutely can't get past hers--I don't know if this has happened to me since the Crucifucks. Almost like her lyrics, in particular the Stevie Smith-ness of them (odd rhymes, abrupt turns); actually though they seem like unrevised Stevie Smith first drafts ("I cannot let go,/so I thank the lord, and I thank his sword!/'tho it be mincing up the morning,/slightly bored"). Oof--close, you know?