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collating bones

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Looker: ...On the Pull [Feb. 13th, 2004|09:02 pm]
collating bones
NYC band I'd never heard of, but Chuck Eddy thought I'd like it, and told them to send me their EP. Chuck was right; I do! Good punx-of-'78 energy--the two-guitars-two-women-harmonizing dynamic made me think at first that they're on their way to being Veruca Salt, but I realized after a bit that the Adverts are a better reference point for the guitars and melodies. And "Someone Else's Hallways" is good enough that I wanted to hear it again right away. A little four-square still, a little cautious, not quite as dynamically recorded as it could be, but if they can hold it together and be ruthless about their arrangements, they're going to make something pretty special within a year, I bet.