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collating bones

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Calexico: Convict Pool [Feb. 2nd, 2004|07:12 pm]
collating bones
If I want to hear "Alone Again Or," I'll listen to Love's version (or, if they ever record it, the Sun City Girls' version, but probably still Love). If I want to hear a Calexico record as opposed to a single-song dose of Calexico, I'll listen to a full Calexico album, just so I don't get into that sunny/silhouetted Burns/Convertino mood and get snapped out of it just as I'm getting into it. If I want to hear a throwaway EP, I've got the new Flaming Lips thing. This isn't bad, just so frothy it keeps drifting over to the side of the glass.

From: rroseselavyoui
2004-02-02 08:00 pm (UTC)
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