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collating bones

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The Flatlanders: Wheels of Fortune [Feb. 2nd, 2004|06:14 pm]
collating bones
Still Joe Ely/Jimmie Dale Gilmore/Butch Hancock, with other people doing all the non-star work. Never quite got this band the way other people I know have--all the songs here are trying hard for timelessness, and there's at least a couple of flat lines or overextended metaphors in all of them. (Bad sign: second line of album is "Is it androids or elephants that never forget?" And "Even if you're lying with somebody/Still you've got to go to sleep alone" is one of those lines that tries for deep and ends up bonking its head in the four-foot end of the pool.) I think I like the Joe Ely songs in the middle of the record best, & I'm definitely a sucker for that kind of craggy throat-voice that all three of them have worked up by now. Useless indie-rocker note: the "you're gonna be sad" at the beginning of "See the Way" is melodically identical to the one at the beginning of Lois's "Long Time Gone," or at least whatever song she borrowed it from, if she did...