collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

Valley of the Giants: Valley of the Giants

Yet another "side project" from the Godspeed/Broken Social Scene crew, for which I'd have a bit more respect if I got the sense that more than a few of their bands would change dramatically if you swapped out a couple of their players for others. (That is, they seem to be built around ideologies of what a given project should sound like, rather than proceeding from the way their members play. This is just a half-baked theory.) A couple of really pretty effects, but... "We had one rehearsal, and all five musicians including Charlie fresh off the train met for the first time in the studio." Not that they're inept or wholly incompatible, but you can TELL from this--if the musicians are meeting for the first time in the studio, they'd better give me a really good reason to care about what they come up with.
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