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you wait here and I'll bring the etchings down [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
collating bones

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Transistor Transistor/Wolves split CD [Jan. 31st, 2004|07:58 pm]
collating bones
I suspect it speaks worse of me than it speaks of these two screamy emo (not quite "screamo," more like if you went back and wiped the master tape of Rites of Spring's "For Want Of" they'd suddenly cease to exist) bands that I couldn't tell where one stopped and the other one started. But still: they are bringing nothing new to their listeners, although I'm sure these songs are a nice aerobic workout to play, especially if the singers have some tea with lemon and honey afterwards. In a gesture of hopeless something or other, the Wolves' songs are respectively entitled "18," "19," "20" and "17." Go sequencing!