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collating bones

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Red Eyed Legends: The High I Feel When I'm Low [Jan. 31st, 2004|01:03 pm]
collating bones
Record it better (way WAY better, not to harp on this, I like Walkman recordings too but there are times when particular kinds of recordings just DO NOT DO JUSTICE to stuff), give the singer a less pinched voice (he doesn't have to sing, really, he can just keep doing his Midwestern Mark E. Smith thing, though it wouldn't hurt him to sing either), get over the idea that once you've written a jerky guitar riff and something to go along with it on the organ you're done writing the song, and maybe you can be Death of Samantha someday. In short, don't be so FOURTH-GENERATION please. And major demerits for the naked-Asian-chicks motif on the artwork.