collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

The King Cobra: S/T

That's the title: "S/T." Appears to include ex-members of The Need, one of those bands I always felt like I should like more than I did, or rather liked better in theory than when I actually put their records on. This one's pretty badly recorded--everything's kind of a midrange mush, which is a problem when there's as little dynamic variation as they've got--and the songs are brittle and crackly, "intense" but purged of pleasure and directness. So they end up sort of involuted--under the tray there's a photo of a rose that's been Xeroxed on a high-contrast setting, so the petals look like little slugs or something, and that seems formally appropriate. I'm amused by the way they punctuate their songs with x-treem metal double bass drums, though.
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