collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

The Beatles: 1

Broke down and bought a used copy of this, because I needed happy Beatles music, and so did Lisa, and all I had on hand when we really needed it was "Let It Be... Naked" and a couple of old vinyl bootlegs, which are fine as ephemera but I needed the Thing Itself. I'd remembered this as being somehow revisionist and Paul-heavy, but really it only seems that way toward the end, with the "Hello Goodbye"/"Lady Madonna"/"Hey Jude"/"Get Back" sequence, and like I'm going to quarrel with those. Like I could argue with any of it, really--I've internalized all of these songs note for note, and I still actively love most of them, and I'm happy to hear them straight through. On the bus, coming back home with my copy, I was misting up, thinking of what a happy song "I Want To Hold Your Hand" is, how accurately and simply it describes a whole lot of states of mind from childhood to adulthood, and how neatly all of its little tricks work (like that intro that doesn't let on what part of the beat it begins with--none of those faux-Beatles bands could get it right). And I remembered the girl watching the Beatles on the TV set in the Maysles' documentary of the night they first appeared on Ed Sullivan, and her expression as she suddenly got it, and her brother's as he got it in a different way. Plus: the artwork rips off our holiday card from this year!
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