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collating bones

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Simon Joyner: Lost With the Lights On [Jan. 27th, 2004|01:29 pm]
collating bones
I was a big fan of Yesterday Tomorrow and In Between, on which he tried to out-Dylan Dylan--quixotism is always so hot! This, though--I look at the lyric sheet and I see the potential (the words make the mistake of too much rather than too little: the title comes from the verse that goes "My heart disappeared drinking in the desert my lover was wild to be wreckage/And I was deformed than I was reborn as a howling invisible insect/It was just like old times I took out my spine and walked through the cool wet grass alone/Some people got it made, some people are saved and some people are lost with the lights on"), but then I listen and it's so SMOOOV and PRITTY it just slicks right off me. Also: "Dylan can't sing, I can't sing, therefore I am Dylan" is what we professionals refer to as an "invalid syllogism," because when Dylan tries to sing, he does it faster. He also foregrounds his voice like it's a feature; Joyner backgrounds it like it's a bug.