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collating bones

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Mocean Worker: Enter the MoWo! [Jan. 26th, 2004|05:47 pm]
collating bones
Fifteen years ago, a dance record borrowing jazz players and sampling jazz textures like this would've been a cool idea. It is not fifteen years ago, and when your catchiest moments are broad genre allusions, there's a problem. (The last time I can think of that this strategy did much for me was Ultramarine's "Saratoga," and that was long enough ago that I'm pretty sure it came out on Imago.) Also, I think I can be forgiven for objecting on principle to resurrecting the dead as "guest stars"--is that how you pretend you could get them to work with you? Especially if you're Mocean Worker and they're Nina Simone? Even the solos from living artists I like sound like somebody sat them down and said "here ya go--we've got the beats all set up for you, now play some jazz. I don't know, just some--jazz! Isn't that what you do?"