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collating bones

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Various Artists: Spire (Organ Works Past, Present and Future) [Jan. 26th, 2004|04:31 pm]
collating bones
I always like Touch's compilations--this one is two discs worth of music for the organ, loosely defined, the first disc more actively played and the second more passive and drone-based (to the point where I sometimes had to check to reassure myself that it wasn't quite silence--the Chris Watson piece at the end of it is just wind, with the "pipe" I suppose being the borders of the sky and the ground). As with most Touch discs, it's pretty slow-mo/low-impact, but also as varied as it can be within its narrow parameters--most of the contributors seem to have come up with more of a theoretical statement about the organ and its timbre than a composition as such, since the timbre can probably carry even the slightest idea.