collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

Richard Youngs: River Through Howling Sky

Youngs' last few solo albums have been all about extreme minimalism, but in a singer-songwriter context--he hovers over every note--which is rare, and sort of neat, though it's not often that I get the powerful impulse to play them. (I do sometimes, though.) This one's slightly more band-like, although it's all Youngs overdubbing himself in the same extremely deliberate, high-pause-content way. This reminds me of something, this reminds me of something, I thought, and then I thought: Jandek! It's like some of the earlier Jandek records, after he'd dropped the steady pulse of "Ready for the House," except Jandek never found a simpatico "band" the way Youngs has here.
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