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collating bones

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Mahjongg: Machinegong [Jan. 22nd, 2004|07:15 pm]
collating bones
Can't remember the last time I was so badly let down by a band I'd known nothing about other than their promo material--the operative words on the package are "steeped in late 70s NYC funk, Latin percussion, African-beats [sic] and electronic noise." Mmm--so like some kind of LCD Soundsystem/Antibalas hybrid, then? YUMMY! But the record itself is funkless and meandering. (Patterns are not the same thing as grooves, I'm afraid.) I'm a little hopeful based on the fact that the let's-try-THIS-texture approach reminds me a little of the Liquid Idiot/Idiot Orchestra stuff that begat Liquid Liquid, and I've heard that they recorded a 55-minute single--perhaps they found an idea and stuck to it there? I want to hear that, anyway, and probably also want to hear whatever they record next.