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collating bones

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The Flying Luttenbachers: Systems Emerge From Complete Disorder [Jan. 20th, 2004|06:52 pm]
collating bones
Their first couple of albums, "Constructive Destruction" and "Destroy All Music," are right up there on my eternal hit parade: maniac grindcore jazz! But this isn't really a "they," since at this point the band is just Weasel Walter, and my interest in his work varies wildly from record to record (it goes way up as well as way down). This is mostly high-speed but very thoroughly through-composed--he's been writing about how these days he's primarily interested in 20th-century compositional music--and as energetic as this is I keep thinking of the Rock In Opposition bands I'm not so into (Univers Zero etc.). Maybe WW is one of those artists I like better when he's got other strong personalities to wrestle with in a band.