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collating bones

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mclusky: Undress for Success EP [Jan. 19th, 2004|10:14 pm]
collating bones
I never quite know how to capitalize this band's name, if I'm capitalizing the M: I resent the all-lower-case thing a little, but if I'm defying them, do I make the L a cap too? In any case, I liked the fangs of ...Do Dallas a lot, the stupid 'n' rough live show too, so I bought their two recent EPs and was sorta let down--playing this one again today confirmed my impression. "Undress for Success" is the best of the three songs, because it's got a hook ("grenades, sickles and hammers for the happy couple," whatever that means), but it's the lesser cousin of "Fuck This Band" from the album, without that chalky-frictional one-finger guitar part. And the lyrics, like most of their lesser songs, are hostile aperçu after hostile aperçu, with no particular theme to bind them together.