collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

Greenpot Bluepot: WARRAW

I've been listening to Natalie LeBrecht's stuff since she started to record as Greenpot Bluepot a few years ago, and I'm really impressed by this album--I love how her arrangements are getting bolder and more varied, and how her voice is moving toward something really beautiful and distinctive. She's still growing as a songwriter, but the secret when you're doing something this caught up in a very personal aesthetic is to not crack a smile--to not let the facade slip--and this is maybe the first time I've gotten the sense that Natalie totally totally means it, that she doesn't doubt her powers of persuasion at all. Which means that I don't either. Must listen more.

You can get the entire record as a free download, incidentally, at Greenpot Bluepot's site.
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