collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes: s/t (Sony)

Reviving this feature at bitterbyrden's request, and as a way of keeping track of all the stuff that passes through my ears here. Not like more than two people currently look at this page, but I'd better make some content if anybody's ever going to, right? Anyway, this was the record that made Teddy Pendergrass famous (and did a lot for the Sound of Philadelphia, that's Sound with a capital S, and maybe dropped a few drips of poison into the soul-singing well, although that might just be me reacting to Lyn Collins's ridiculous "Check Me Out If You Don't Know Me By Now"), and as lush and milky as the Gamble/Huff songs and arrangements are, I find myself curious about what the Blue Notes (who'd been recording for over 15 years at this point, I believe) sounded like on their own--which is Harold Melvin's own voice? what were their songs like? how did they come off on stage before they had the great big hits to sell?
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