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collating bones

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The Amps: Pacer [Jan. 27th, 2002|09:29 am]
collating bones
Catching up on the parashah a little...

This one did really well at college radio at the time, I remember, but now it mostly just sounds like further evidence of Mrs. John Murphy's total inability to finish another Breeders record, and her willingness to do pretty much anything to make it sound like she was making progress anyway. I mean, I do like her voice, always, but most of these songs just don't stick with me (neither, actually, does "Head to Toe," the Breeders' real last (recorded) splash--I remember the other two songs from _that_ record, but that's because they're respectively GbV and Sebadoh songs). The other memory I associate with it is Run On's final show with David Newgarden (an in-store at the then-freshly-opened Other Music), where he did his one and only lead vocal with them: a cover of "Pacer."