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collating bones

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Able Tasmans: Songs from the Departure Lounge [Jan. 6th, 2002|12:46 pm]
collating bones
Their greatest-hits album, and curiously not significantly different to me than any of the others, except inasmuch as it has the splendid and bagpipe-y "Fault in the Frog," which I don't think I have on anything else. They're one of those also-ran or second-tier bands who are precious to me because they're mostly in that position thanks to their lack of interest in "the game" one way or the other--never got the general recognition of the Verlaines/Chills/Clean/Tall Dwarfs side of things, but their reasons for playing music seemed to be more about each other and the act itself than about us. And the liner notes to this one mention that they just kind of stopped playing as a band but continue to exist as a social unit. If a band has to end, there's no better way for it to.