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collating bones

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ABC: The Best Of: The Millennium Collection [Jan. 5th, 2002|10:23 pm]
collating bones
"Oh yeah," says we, "this band. I remember them. Didn't realize they had quite so many songs I'd remember." Well, the requisite number for a "Millennium Collection" is eleven, and given that the last two positions have to be filled in with a bad remix of a terrible song ("Vanity Kills"--where Martin Fry's sweet tooth for stupid rhymed couplets finally turned into total dental rot) and a lounge version of another song already on the record, they maybe have... nine. No, make that eight.

Even so, the Trevor Horn production on the early stuff finesses its stupidness, and I've always liked "How To Be A Millionaire." But it's the kind of record I'd generally rather hear by accident than put on on purpose.