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collating bones

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Roxy Music: The Best Of [Nov. 14th, 2001|01:36 am]
collating bones
Had sat unnoticed on my couch for a month or so, until tonight when a thorough cleaning revealed it. I've just never gotten into them--can't get past the total affectation of Bryan Ferry's voice, and as anyone who's ever heard me play records knows, I have a nearly limitless tolerance for vocal affectations. But everything I like about this I can get out of Eno records a lot more easily and pleasantly.

[User Picture]From: fastpussycat
2001-11-14 09:44 am (UTC)
The problem with the Best of is that it features songs created post-Eno. I go through phases of wanting to hear "Roxy Music" and "For Your Pleasure" over and over. Adore early Eno, too. Ferry turned the band into a different animal after Eno left in '73. An annoying animal.
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