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collating bones

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Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston: The Lucky Sperms: Somewhat Humorous [Nov. 14th, 2001|01:34 am]
collating bones
The scariest album I've heard in a while. Daniel does NOT sound good. Like, not at ALL. Jad sounds like he'd do anything to amuse Daniel for a few minutes, bless him. Chris Bultman sounds like he's waded into something thick. But this is an end-of-somebody's-rope album, and the really sad part is that it's a rope not many people tend to go near--it's hard to even grasp Daniel's flavor of unbelievable pain at this point. Also, wasn't there already a band called the Lucky Sperms? With Mike Watt, I believe?

[User Picture]From: king_chiron
2002-01-04 08:39 am (UTC)
I saw Daniel Johnston at Bumbershoot Festival (Seattle) this year and he actually looked pretty well. I admit I haven't seen him many times, but he looked like he was pretty under control.

Yes, Lucky Sperms was Mike Watt with Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon and a few others.
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