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collating bones

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The Clean: Slush Fund [Nov. 8th, 2001|12:21 am]
collating bones
My favorite band of all time (okay, up there in a tie with a couple of others) blasts out another quickie live EP a la _In-A-Live_, which means that this includes like the nineteenth extant recording of "Point That Thing Somewhere Else" (a slight exaggeration, but I do count at least five or six others). Mostly recorded in their keyboards-rather-than-guitars period, and a nice illustration of what they can do live these days these days. Which is to say: fantastic guitarist, greatest rhythm section of its kind on the planet, playing like people who've been doing what they do mostly for pleasure for several decades, because that's the case; repertoire drawn almost randomly from old stuff and new stuff, latter not particularly better than former. Lovely.