collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

Jim O'Rourke: Insignificance

I've been taking some time off from this LJ thanks to the impending WFMU record fair and my need to purge a couple thousand CDs from the festering catastrophe that is my music collection before I can haul them away. Most of the listening I've been doing over the last week or two is discs I suspect I'm not going to enjoy much at all (just checking 'em to be sure--occasionally something good pops out, and a couple dozen possibilities have been set aside as Subjects for Further Research). So it takes something pretty special to get me to pay full-on attention. A new Jim O'Rourke album? That'll do it.

I admire the fact that he's set himself a goal of writing comfortable classic-rock-sounding songs _as a high art project_--approaching approachability, more or less with the same vigor as he devoted to his hurdy-gurdy-and-tape-splice etc. pieces. (More, actually.) I also admire the fact that he's pretty much pulled it off. Haven't gotten to listen to the words yet (though close attention to _Halfway to a Threeway_ revealed that I really ought to be), but I'm delighted to hear him doing a 5/4 variation on "Sweet Home Alabama"-type boogie, etc. (Lisa noticed the little riff borrowed from "What I Am," too.) I want to hear this a lot more.
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