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collating bones

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Masada: Live at Tonic 2001 [Oct. 16th, 2001|01:06 am]
collating bones
Holy freakin' Holy of Holies, this is great. The half-dozen times or so I've had the pleasure of seeing Masada play, they've been somewhere between "really fun" and "magnificent," and the peaks of this, esp. "Acharei Mot," hit both sides of that hard. Zorn really is a fantastic straight jazz saxophonist, and always has been--go back and listen to that Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet album, or News For Lulu, if you don't believe me--and now he's integrated all the fancy avant/noise/compositional stuff into this deeply idiosyncratic project. Plus, they don't just listen to each other, they LOVE listening to each other (I've seen them beaming while they watch each other taking solos). Joy joy.