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collating bones

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The Strokes: The Strokes [Oct. 16th, 2001|01:01 am]
collating bones
The hype is not just you're-supposed-to-like-this hype, i.e. the editors I know who are raving about them genuinely do lift a couple of feet off the ground when they come on, the Blender office didn't stop playing "The Modern Age" for two weeks straight, etc. But this is so... workmanlike? unsurprising? un-risky?--that I have to wonder who and what it can inspire. They are tight, yes, and they have the sound and the style, and if they're really as hardworking as everyone says they are, they'll make another LP in 6 months and then a string of singles and then another album and at some point come up with their "Rockaway Beach"--but the fact that 5 of these 11 songs are recycled from their singles does not make me hopeful. Pleasing and sort of inert.