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collating bones

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Master [Oct. 16th, 2001|12:58 am]
collating bones
People complain to me, privately, that all I ever write about here are records that I don't like. That's really not true. First of all, if I only wrote about records that I hear and don't like, we'd both be here all day (or, okay, I would). I've been culling stuff in my office--trying to come up with 35 or 40 discs a day that I can get rid of--and there's a really amazing amount of atrocious stuff out there.

Which is why I'm so happy when a record like this comes along. Just a little 5-song EP by some locals who bring it around to all the places where it's sold themselves, but "Bang" is the best Jon Spencer Blues Explosion song since JSBX stopped making new ones--specifically in the Jon's-put-down-his-guitar-and-the-other-two-are-banging-away mode. Plus the singer is a screaming woman in something like the no wave tradition. And the other four songs have nearly as much buzz to them. More!