collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

John Mellencamp: Cuttin' Heads

Why am I listening to a John Mellencamp album? Part of my ongoing mortification-of-the-flesh program, I suppose. Also that I noted that Chuck D was on the first track, which I had to hear just to see how wrong it could be. (Very.) Also that I remembered that Lisa Germano used to be in his band, so he's not a good-stuff repulsor. But on the inside of the booklet, there's a picture of an acoustic guitar with "FUCK FACISM" (sic) written on it. John, John: if you're as concerned with Big Statements About America as your dreadful lyrics make it look like you are, you really should know that what Woody Guthrie's guitar had painted on it was "THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS."
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