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collating bones

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Prince: "Mountains," "Feel U Up," "The Greatest Romance Ever Sold" [Oct. 3rd, 2001|12:43 am]
collating bones
Three old Prince songs, the digging-up of which was inspired by hearing the band at Jennie's wedding doing a medley of "Alphabet St." and "New Position" (least you couldn't accuse them of going for the obvious--later in the set, when they were scraping for songs they all knew, they did "Gloria"--Patti Smith's version, as in "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine." (Which reminded me of the girl-group version Lisa put on a mix tape once, where it goes "M-E-L-V-I-N." (Which in turn made me think that the basic idea could easily be adapted into a theme song for my band, you do the math)).)

At a wedding.

Anyway. "Mountains" is Prince's sweetest and deepest 12-inch, the album version not remixed exactly but teased out with what turns into a full Sun Ra-via-Carla Bley horn section into a glorious 10-minute ride. It has now been approximately as long since I first heard it as my life before I heard it. "Feel U Up" was a B-side that hurled itself from the bootleg where I first heard it into my head ('till you're burning up head never get enough)--I was convinced it was meant to be a hit, which it wasn't, but a great little jam in his Camille/Black Album mold. And the version in question of "The Greatest Romance" is Jason Nevins' remix, which dumps the original backing track altogether and makes credible 1980 disco out of it--nice to hear Prince's voice in that context, although hadn't he actually skipped the contemporaneous disco thing altogether w/ "I Wanna Be Your Lover," etc.?