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collating bones

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VA: Eurovision Song Contest 1956-1999 [Oct. 3rd, 2001|12:21 am]
collating bones
A Swedish double-CD from a couple of years ago, with basically everything that won in that time period, plus a couple of extras that didn't but maybe should have. This is pure reptile-brain pop--power ballads to end all power ballads, tunes aargh tunes please no more tunes (to steal a line from Xgau), etc. What surprises me most is that on a first listen the ones indelibly etched into my brain are the ones I already knew, more or less: "Waterloo," "Boom Bang-A-Bang," and the mighty "Poupe de cire, poupe de son." Maybe I should figure out what percentage of these go up a key before the last chorus. Once I'm retired and have lots of time on my hands, that is.