collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

Blossom Toes: We Are Ever So Clean

An old favorite, dragged out so that I could learn "I Will Bring You This and That" and transcribe it for my band to play. Do you remember that scene in _This Is Spinal Tap_ where the very early incarnation of Tap has just glommed onto the psychedelic revolution and comes up with "Listen to the Flower People"? This is that. But for real. Other song titles include "The Remarkable Saga of the Frozen Dog," "Look At Me I'm You," "I'll Be Late For Tea." And everything's got those beyond-ridiculous guess-that's-what-the-kids-dig sound effects, backwards instruments, whooshy treatments, etc. The thing is, they're SO CONVINCED of the own glory and tenderness of probably-faked acid damaged that they come off as glorious for real. Those tunes tunes tunes do a lot of the work. Same for the unselfconscious lysergic stupidity/genius of lines like "I will bring you plastic flowers/You can play with them for hours." The fact that Nuggets II ends with their "When The Alarm Clock Rings" was the first thing that convinced me that the compilers really had it on the ball.

Their second and final album under that name (before they became B.B. Blunder) sucks, incidentally. (The guitarist had evidently decided Captain Beefheart was the way to go. Which it was, but not for them.) But this: you have to hear this.
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