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collating bones

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VA: Give The People What We Want [Sep. 27th, 2001|12:42 am]
collating bones
Or: Sub Pop does the Kinks. I confess I've never really gotten the Ray Davies-as-genius thing--lots of Kinks records have passed into my hands and quickly and quietly passed out of them again (I think I still have some early-hits comp, but that's it--not even _Village Green_ does anything much for me). It appears that it wasn't the fault of the Kinks' performances that made them do that--even in the hands of some bands I sorta kinda like (Young Fresh Fellows, Fastbacks), these slip right out of my head again. Exceptions: Baby Gramps' "Sunny Afternoon," because he's Baby Gramps, and the Briefs' punk-pop-by-numbers version of "Come Dancing," which sounds like it was made for that kind of maltreatment.